I think the meaning of life is happiness through human connection. How can I reconcile this with the fact that my job and a lot of my day takes place on the internet, where interaction is inherently diluted? Can you separate your online experience into the productive and the social, then thrown the social in the bin? What is the point of Facebook or Twitter? Sure you can keep in touch with friends more easily, but has it ever been difficult to stay in touch with your real friends? Does the culture of constant self-publishing only serve our narcissism and need for approval?

Who am I writing this to? It can’t be to my four followers. Maybe it’s for future me; a warning from the past. This is a waste of time, remember!

have patience with everything inside you that feels unsolved. try to love the questions themselves like locked rooms or poems written in another language. now’s not the time to find the answer, it’s the time to live the question.

Ben Affleck as Batman

Ben Affleck as Batman

@Jay Whiting

Guys care a lot less about how girls look than girls might think. We don’t care if you have a wobbly butt, small boobs, a big nose or a pimples.

The problem is that the small fraction of guys who do care are much louder. They make you feel ugly because they want to feel less ugly by comparison, and they make noise about it because their voice is easy to hide behind.

The most fragile societies are the ones where women are put down by law, custom, attitude or whatever. The world would be nicer if people were nicer.